Our Good Friday Tradition


DSC_0064I honestly don’t know how time is passing so quickly. It is 1:12 AM as I’m typing this. We went to church twice today, and in between services, I HAD to take a nap. I mean, come on! Spring forward? I wasn’t ready for that lol. I already have enough trouble going to bed on time. The last thing I need is to lose another hour.

I haven’t done a Nordstrom Rack and Amazon ‘haul’ video yet, but I did want to share some of the items with you. I had been eyeing these lace-up flats for a while now, and when I went to the store and saw them, I couldn’t pass them up. They were much cheaper that I’d seen them. Again, I’m not that impulsive when I shop. I know what I want and will wait on it, so when I spot a good deal, I’ll usually jump on it.

This clutch is another item that I recently purchased. I did a video review of it. You can find that here. I linked several of them in the slideshow above. I purchased mine for less than $60. The original price is $95 or more, in some colors, I think.

This striped number I’m wearing is a dress I bought from Old Navy for next to nothing, but I pulled it up a bit so it would look more like a shirt. I love changing the look of clothing and making them more versatile by doing things like that.

This is a really exciting week for me. My birthday is later this week, our church is putting on the Messiah drama for two weekends in a row, I have some fun collaborations to share with you, we’re headed to see a Shakespeare play, and Easter is right around the corner. I especially love Good Friday because we have a Jamaican tradition of having fish and Jamaican bun and cheese. I honestly think this tradition means more to my hubby than me, but I don’t think I could pass a year without doing it either haha.

Do you have any such Good Friday or Easter traditions in your family?

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