Pizza and Pom Poms

DSC_0084DSC_0091 DSC_0090 DSC_0086 DSC_0085 DSC_0093 DSC_0083DSC_0095DSC_0094Happy Black Friday, everyone! I had the most amazing day yesterday. I took a whole slew of pictures that I will upload shortly and then write a post about it. I can’t wait to share how I decorated my table, what we cooked, and the cutest outfit that I wore haha. Before I get there though, I really wanted to tell you about an awesome evening that I spent with my boys earlier this week.

I feel as though life is going by so quickly, so I like to make sure we carve out special days and times to spend with loved ones. Gong into the holiday season seems to amplify those feelings of the speed of life and the necessity of slowing down to be with family and friends.

Earlier this week, I ordered a red velvet ice cream cake via Cold Stone’s online store. I could not wait to pick it up. We decided, however, that since Cold Stone is right on the beach, we would make an evening of it.

We went to a beachside, New York-style pizza restaurant and ordered a medium pizza. The miraculous part of it is the pizza really is just like the pizza in my home state. It was so yummy! The crust was…crusty…and I was able to fold it half. Yay!

I actually love the location of the restaurant because it is right on the beach and there is a Cold Stone AND a Starbucks right behind it. These are all my favorite stores! Plus, I was very tempted to go grab a cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte before we picked up the cake.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my red pom pom bag charm on the same day. Not surprised that it came (I ordered it lol), but surprised at the packaging, quality, and size of the item. It was secured onto cardboard, wrapped in a plastic bag, and placed in a box. Then it was shipped in a bigger box. The color is so vibrant and the pom pom is bigger than I expected. See a similar color here and a cheaper option here. I think I want to order the yellow one now.

Also, I bought this mustard tunic dress from an Instagram store. I have fallen in love with thrifting on Instagram and also buying boutique-style clothes the same way. I don’t like driving around to thrift stores, or any store for that matter, so looking through clothes and accessories from the comfort of my home is great. I save a ton of money doing this. Let me know if you’d like to know the shops I frequent.

Anyway, I have to run. We are about to go pick out our Christmas tree. This is another thing I LOVE to do. We get a real tree ever year. Most years I wheeze and scratch from having the tree, but it’s a tradition that my parents had and I don’t want to go away from it. I couldn’t imagine not having a real tree for Christmas.

By the way, what did you do this week?

Thanks for reading.

XOXO Delaine

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