Central Park Shenanigans

DSC_0378DSC_0373DSC_0371DSC_0370DSC_0384DSC_0365DSC_0391DSC_0389DSC_0388DSC_0386DSC_0383DSC_0396This time of year is the best time ever! I look forward to it and dread it for many reasons. I thought I would write this post to go along with pictures that I took from spending a day in Central Park a few weeks ago.

When you think about New York, Central Park is one of those places that seems to be on everyone’s must-see list. I can pretty much guarantee you that taking a stroll, jog, or horse and carriage ride through the park is well worth it.

The leaves were so colorful and beautiful. The sounds of children running and playing brought the park to life. People were bike riding, walking, taking pictures, and playing frisbee with their dogs. It was so much fun to be in the midst of it. Of course, I had to get to a hot dog stand (though it wasn’t my hot dog).

One thing I love about this season is that I’m usually visiting New York during this time. We seem to make several trips there between the months of August and December, with the December trip lasting anywhere from two to five weeks!

My mom drove us down to Central Park. She took my nephew for a walk in his stroller while we walked around and took pictures. The weather was so gorgeous. It might have been about sixty-five degrees. I wore this cable knit sweater that my mom gave me. It was the perfect outer garment for that day because it wasn’t too cold or too hot.

My mother has a knack for purchasing (and receiving them as gifts) clothes and never wearing them. In her defense though, she probably doesn’t have the time to wear them. She works as a private-duty nurse at night and then helps my sister with her kids during the day. I don’t think she would have the opportunity to wear her nicer clothes…so I benefit tremendously haha.

This time of year, as it leads into Thanksgiving and Christmas, is special because it’s a time when you can be with the ones you love, but you make more of an effort to do so. It’s not just a regular dinner or get-together. People actually make plans and travel to (sometimes far) destinations just to be with their family for the holidays.

We always have a choice of where we can go. My family in NY always has a Thanksgiving dinner. My mom normally works that night, but she gets busy in the kitchen making her delicious rice and peas and whatever else is on the menu. My dad also cooks a few things. If my hubby is there, they throw him into the mix because they love his cooking. I will usually make a salmon or shrimp dish and the dessert.

If we stay in Florida, my three aunts normally put on a grand feast. The Florida dinners are rotated at different homes, but most of the homes are only about ten minutes away from where I live. I have one aunt who lives in WPB, and we sometimes go to her house for dinners, but for the bigger dinners, it’s easier for her and her son to make the short drive to our town.

This time of year always brings a bit of apprehension for me too. There is always an underlying tension about where we should go or who we should invite if we choose to have dinner at our house. There is only one place that is always safe. In one house, there’s usually a contention about what is being made, and how much is being cooked. Another home isn’t even an option because of how weird it is to get together with these individuals. They never express what their Thanksgiving plans are, but they always have a dinner. When we invite them to anything, they never attend. So, we have reached the point where we no longer ask, we don’t wait for them to ask, and now, being with them at this time is no longer an option. We always are left wondering if there is an easier way to ‘holiday.’ I told my hubby so many times, that we should take a road trip in the opposite direction of all our family members’ homes lol.

We would even host dinner here. We have done that in the past, but I always feel weird having a dinner here when my Florida family is also having one. We have hosted large dinners with them in the past, so I know we could also do that for Thanksgiving since we normally rotate locations.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Am I the only one that both loves and dread this time of year? Surely I can’t be?

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Delaine

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