A Wedge of a Deal

DSC_0193 DSC_0196 DSC_0197 DSC_0198 DSC_0202DSC_0201 DSC_0203 DSC_0205Happy Friday, everyone! I have been blogging now for several months, and I’m extremely appreciative to  anyone that has been taking the time to read all that’s been on my heart. In the near future, I’d like to write a post about why I started blogging in the first place.

I have had such a great week. If you’ve been reading along, you know that we have been remodeling various parts of our house. The entire house, except for the master bedroom, is under some sort of renovation.

The master bedroom needs a major overhaul, but it will take so much work that we don’t want to start it just yet. The hall bath is almost finished. The only thing left to do in there is to place one decorative piece and purchase a different floor mat. The one we bought is a tad too big. The home office/classroom is also about 90% complete. All the other rooms need some sort of attention. They will get them, but at our slow and steady pace. There’s really no rush.

One thing we had to do this week was get our son a full-sized bedding set. This was actually very simple because we had bought his twin-sized bedding at Bed Bath & Beyond last year. An associate told us that if we ever needed a different size, just bring it back and they would return it. That is exactly what happened. We brought the comforter set back to Bed Bath & Beyond, in a Dillard’s bag, and they looked up our item. They returned it! We had no receipt! On top of this, they allowed us to use a 20% coupon. Apparently this is how they do business, and I like it!

Another thing that happened this week is my coffee maker disaster. A few months ago, I bought a regular drip coffee maker because my Keurig was just about dead. I tried for months to use this type of coffee maker but was unsuccessful. I took it back to Macy’s and explained that it wasn’t working out for me. They took it back and freed me from a coffee maker nightmare.

Yesterday, I was sitting with an extremely smart lady from church. I was explaining the problem I was having with making coffee at home. She recommended a percolator. A PERCOLATOR??!!! She raved about how good and strong percolated coffee is. Her mom was sitting beside her and agreed. So…what did I do? I went and bought a percolator. I’m going to try it. If I don’t like it, I will return it before September 20. That date is important because that is when the sale on the Keurig at Sam’s Club will be over. Wish me luck in this endeavor!

This weekend, I will bake cupcakes for a church sister’s baby shower. She has two kids and just had twins! I can’t wait to make and decorate them. I will definitely upload pics of this fun task.

In this outfit, I just wanted to let you know about my shoes. I went to Macy’s with a sweet friend just a few weeks ago. Macy’s was having a buy one get one free sale on their clearance shoes. BOGO at Macy’s??!!! I bought these Aerosole wedges and received leopard booties free. You’ll see those soon.

The booties were a half-size too big, so a few days later, I took them to another Macy’s to get the correct size. When they scanned the receipt, they told me the wedges were cheaper. The refunded me about $22. I was able to get both pairs for only $18!! Now, I realize that it’s not my fault I love shopping so much. When the deals are this amazing, how could you blame me? 🙂

What do you have planned this weekend? Please comment below.

XOXO Delaine

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