Classroom and Home Office Redo Part 1

DSC_0038 DSC_0039 DSC_0040 DSC_0041 DSC_0042 DSC_0043 DSC_0044 DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0049In this post is the beginning of us remodeling what used to be the guest room. We struggled with eliminating the guest room for quite some time. We knew that we needed a space to effectively homeschool and also a place where we could leave our computer. For the most part, Milt did schoolwork on the dining room table and in his room, either at his built-in desk, on the bed, or the floor. As far as an office is concerned, we would tote the Mac all around to different rooms including the dining room, family room, and bedroom.

The decision to not have a guest room did not come easy. We don’t have much company that comes to visit for a long time. When we do have guests, it’s normally only for a few days at the most. We have another friend that comes and house/dog sits, but again, that isn’t enough to justify keeping a guest room while we could use the space for something else. We have a sofa bed and we are just going to utilize it if needed. Also, we put the full bed in Milt’s room. If we have company stay for a longer time, he will give up his room and either sleep on the pull-out or sleep on a cot in the office. I think this will also teach our only-child to share.

We have a three-bedroom house and though the layout is nice, there isn’t much wiggle room. If you notice in some of the pictures above, we had a full bed, a piano, a drum set, and a desk in the room. Talk about tight spaces. It all fit, but we still felt displaced.

The other problem is that we have a 12-foot-long dining room table that we are going to sand and finish (or we might just buy a different one – not sure about that yet), and we wanted to stop doing schoolwork and office work on the table. It has become such a bad habit to just sit there and put any and all things on the table. Of course we will utilize it for eating, but it’s not a desk.

The coolest thing about this office makeover is that I did all the painting by myself. I’ve never done that before. It was such a great accomplishment to be able to completely paint an entire room. I even painted the trim…except for the crown molding (ain’t nobody got time for that lol). I’ll eventually do that.

Another really awesome thing about the room is that I got a great deal on a piece of furniture that I’ll share with you soon. When I walked into the store, the associate marked it for clearance, and then, because there was a slight (removable) stain, he took off an extra $5. I put the piece on hold and then the next day I was able to talk the manager into taking off another 20%. We paid about half-price!

Choosing the colors was one of the hardest things to decide for the room. I wanted colors that support learning. We wanted light colors. It’s been said that off-white, beige, yellow, and light-orange are the best colors for a learning environment. I was sold on the orange, but the kid pleaded and pleaded to go with the Warm Caramel for the bottom half of the room. We chose Antique Beige for the top. Both are Glidden from Home Depot. I will post some pictures in a few weeks with the after pictures.

Which colors do you like?

XOXO Delaine

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