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I’m in love with these planners from Kate Spade. Of course, you can buy any planner, but these are so adorable. I went on their site and noticed that there was a coupon code to save an extra 25% off sale items, but it didn’t work for the planners. No biggie. It will work on a lot of other items on the site.

In the photo gallery I created with the planners, I also added the ‘Mr. and Mrs.” key chain and two clutches that caught my eye. I know it has nothing to do with planners, but I couldn’t resist including them. I’m all about cute (and fancy) accessories, so I had to add them. We are not newlyweds (we’ve been married for almost 14 years), but I sometimes hashtag ‘newlyweds’ on Instagram 🙂

Being that I homeschool my son, I like to keep things organized. When we register little Milt for every new school year, we always get a planner from the school. They do the job, but again, why not add a little flair? This coming school year I will have to be even more organized than ever. He’s entering the eighth grade, and I know that we’ll have our hands full with all the classes he’ll be taking.

Since moving, we have not set up his classroom, so that will be one of our summer projects. I’ll be sure to post pics of the progress. I honestly can’t wait to start.

What’s your favorite item in this group?

XOXO Delaine

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