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Cross Body: Michael Kors

Shoes: Gucci

I love this shirt! It’s amazing how many items you can find in your closet when you start getting ready for a remodel. This was an outfit I wore to church on Wednesday night. On Wednesdays I like to keep it dressy, but I don’t go too overboard.

It was a fun, interesting night. In Bible quizzing, we have officials called quiz masters that read the questions to the kids at Bible quizzing tournaments. There are two divisions: the junior division, and the senior division. The junior division is broken into two sections: beginners and juniors. The senior division is broken into two sections: the intermediates and the experienced. In the entire Bible quizzing organization, we have four people that are the national quiz masters. This means that they read the questions at the extravaganzas and at the national tournament. The national senior quiz master recently located to our city and our church! He, his wife, and their four children are now officially quizzing with Palm Bay.

Several (really interesting) things happened this week, but what made Wednesday night so unbelievable is that the intermediate team, of which my son is a member, was able to practice with the quiz master’s wife and the experienced team. Their two kids  are on the experienced team, and she invited Milton and his teammate to practice with them. I was stoked because she is one of the question-writers, and she was able to explain a lot to the boys. This is their first year in this division, and we can use all the help we can get.

This is my family’s seventh year of being involved in quizzing. Our church has a great heritage in quizzing. Our pastor was a quizzer, coach, and quiz master. He has certainly passed down his love for quizzing and young people to all that are involved in this ministry. Our head coach also has so many years of quizzing experience that she is able to teach the kids how to become great quizzers. I just love being around anything bible-quizzing-related.

This weekend, our two junior teams will be competing in their state finals. Where they place in the competition will determine whether or not they go to the national tournament and how much money their teams get. It is taking everything out of me not to drive up to the host church and watch the tournament. I can live stream the tournament, but there’s nothing like being there first-hand.

Please keep them in your prayers! And…please stay tuned. I have some really exciting things coming up in the next few weeks! I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

Thanks for reading!

XOXO Delaine

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