A Lady, a Dog, and Paris…


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The information on this blog is fairly new because I was previously on a different hosting site and lost the other articles I had written when I switched over to this host. If anyone had read the posts before, you would know my secret that I had used these pictures before with the same title :)am having so much fun writing this blog. People have asked me why I started the blog. I did for several reasons. I joke that my hubby gets the brunt of my love to talk. He really does, but he doesn’t complain. I decided to write on this blog because sometimes I have so much to say, and it’s us much easier just to write it.

I have always loved writing. Whenever I have papers that are due for school, I don’t struggle with writing them. I usually can knock out a 15-page paper in a few hours. Writing about my life is so much more fun, but a lot harder. I’m gad that there are no rules to writing on here. It’s not easy deciding what to write and how much to tell people. I figure that as I continue on this journey, I’ll get more comfortable with how much I want to share.

This outfit was one I wore a few weeks ago. It was very casual, and I loved it. My favorite part of it is the shirt that I said had a ballerina on it. My son was quick to tell me that it was a lady wearing a tutu walking a dog, in Paris. Ha! I still see a ballerina, though I suppose he’s correct. Anyway, when we took these pictures, we were across the street from a home that had two people sitting outside their garage. Was I shy? Did I feel awkward? Yes! But I’m becoming a lot more comfortable with getting in front of the camera. Who says you have to be a certain size or wear certain clothes to be picture-worty? I think it’s important for us to be ourselves and be comfortable with who we are.

As this weekend approaches, I’m already feeling knots in my stomach. We have a bible quizzing tournament at our church. My son, Milton, will be competing in this tournament. Please keep him and all the other quizzers in your prayers. In his division, the kids have to know 364 verses from the books of I Kings and Proverbs. I’ll be sure to post pictures and details about how it went.

What do you have planned for this weekend? I’d love to hear about it.

XOXO Delaine

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