All That Glitters…

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DSC_0084Sunnies: Tory Burch| Shirt: I.N.C.| Bag: Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody| Skirt: NY & Co.| Shoes: Michael Kors Berkley T Strap Sandal

What I’ve noticed is that most of my pictures have bushes and trees as the background. I’m definitely working on getting some variation. It’s hard though, because Florida has a lot of trees…and grass…and water…and very few buildings 🙁 I’ve been playing around with my new lens though and trying to use the bokeh effect to keep the backgrounds from being too distracting.

This outfit was so much fun to style. I found these shoes on and kept the page open for a few days in the hopes of using a coupon. Being patient paid off because a few days later, there it was. A 20% off coupon was able to be applied. I got these shoes for $49.50. It was less than half of the original price. I was so ecstatic to not only find a good deal, but to get an even better one. My only concern is that the shoe seemed to squeeze the top of my right foot so badly I now have a bruise. I need to try it again and see if the shoe really was the problem. If it is, it would be the second pair of Michael Kors shoes that just didn’t fit well (gasp!). I don’t know if I need a bigger size, or if I just can’t wear these shows. I’ll find out this weekend.

The rest of my outfit was also inexpensive. The shirt was given to me by my sister, the bag was about half the original price, and the skirt was a deal that I snagged during an after-Christmas sale in NY. It was about $17. My Tory Burch sunglasses are probably my best-kept secret. They were one fourth of the price they normally cost.

Again, I almost don’t even recognize the person in these pictures. I keep wondering where the rest of me went. People comment that I’m still losing weight, but I don’t see it. Psychologically, I still see myself in the same way. I’m working on that. Until then, I’ll keep my Runtastic app going, the meals small and frequent, and the coffee cup filled 🙂

I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! I’ll fill you in on the details of mine next week, but I’d love to hear about your weekend plans.

Thanks for reading,
XOXO Delaine

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