The first day of Spring has come and gone. I was pretty much oblivious to it though because most days in Florida are spring-like in nature. I still couldn't help pulling out my favorite peplum top and pairing it with a lace skirt. What I love about it is all the bright colors. Nothing says spring like hot pink, orange, yellow, etc.

Notice the hair is in another bun. After deciding to go 'natural' a little over a year ago, the bun has been one of my favorite styles. I probably should spend some more time watching YouTube videos on protective hairstyles. 

Going natural has been one of the harder things I've done. What's a difficult thing you've had to do?

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My birthday is on St. Patrick's Day. It's kind of cool because though I was born in Jamaica, my family is of Irish, Indian, Scottish, and African descent. 

This year's birthday was so much fun. It started the night before with my son giving me a sweet card. The morning of, my husband gave me his card and beautiful bouquet of red roses and the first gift which was a pair of nude, peep-toe heels. He had to step out for a couple hours, and on his way home, he called me and told me to get ready to go and get my nails, toenails, and eyebrows done. After that, we had a quick picnic lunch on the grass in our backyard. For the rest of the day I noticed that my hubby and son were doing a whole lot of whispering and when I looked at them, they would start smiling.

A few hours later, the two of us went out to the store. I saw him making phone calls and being really secretive. As we pulled up to our house, it dawned on me that some of our friends' cars were parked near the house. I was truly surprised. After everyone arrived, we feasted on yummy West Indian food prepared by my mother-in-law. It was so awesome, because my friends pulled out the fancy fine china set that we had purchased last year but had never used. 

Before I opened my gifts, we had dessert. What was it? I'm glad you asked! It was a red velvet ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. It was so delicious! Notice that the candle only said '3.' I was glad the 'other' number wasn't put on the cake :)

What is the most memorable birthday you've had? I'd love to hear from you.

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My husband and I help to coach our son's bible quizzing team. I saw no better time for snapping some pics than during one of their five-minute breaks. 

Don't get me wrong, bible quizzing is a whole lot of fun, but it is a lot of work. It is extremely worth it though. It's awesome how talented the kids are. They learn hundreds of verses each year and have to be able to locate them, quote them, cross-reference them, and answer multiple-part questions about them, etc. On tournament days, I am usually a ball of nerves. Part of it is because I'm nervous for them, but I'm also nervous for myself being that I keep score. Whatever it is, I'm so happy to be working with these children and helping to instill the Word of God in them.

Shirt - Ann Taylor - Similar here and 50% off
Skirt - Rachel Rose (from a few years ago) - Similar here
Shoes - Style & Co (Macy's)
Bag - Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Black St. Jacques - Newer style here
Hair - Almost all-natural

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Yesterday was a magical day. Church was amazing and my dress was so much fun. We have an evangelist visiting and his messages are always exactly what I need. It seems that God does that all the time. After the sleep deprivation that 'Springing Forward' caused, I needed a little boost.

My pleated dress was actually a thrift store find on one of the rare trips I've ever taken. I love all the pleats and the bling on the bodice. It is such a feminine look. I paired this dress with sparkly shoes and a beaded clutch that was a gift from my mom. It's really cool because it can be worn with straps of varying lengths or without it any at all. Also, my hair being in a bun is a go-to style for my soon-to-be all-natural tresses. The photos were taken in front of the fireplace that my hubby built. This is one of my most favorite parts of my home. It is so cozy and inviting.

I love Sundays? How about you?

Shoes: Marc Fisher pumps here 
Beaded clutch similar here  
Perfume: Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne here
Body Shimmer Spray: Bath and Body Works Velvet Sugar here

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My birthday is in less than two weeks! Yippee! This is the first year that I actually want something. Normally, I am just extremely easy going and am not fussy at all. This year, for some reason, I have a wish list! My hubby has been asking me to give him a list, so here goes:

  1. Kate Spade 5 O'Clock Metro Watch
  2. Tory Burch Convertible Clutch - Britten Metallic Chain
  3. Rebecca Minkoff Amorous Satchel
  4. Rebecca Minkoff 'Love' Crossbody Bag
  5. Tory Burch Python Flats
  6. Tory Burch Marion Quilted Small Backpack
  7. Fendi Spy Bag (Zucca and Nappa or White) (Always wanted one)
  8. Kate Spate Ladybug Metro Watch
  9. Hunter Boots (Dusty Lavender or Dusty Petrol)
  10. Michael Kors Joselle Sandals
  11. Nikon 55-200mm Zoom Lens 
  12. Keurig 2.0 k450 Brewing System (because my current one is nine years old)

So, what do you think of my wish list? Which items are your favorites?

Thanks for reading!

Am I the only one that is absolutely crazy about stripes...especially black and white stripes? I purchased this dress from Old Navy during the three weeks spent in NY this past Christmas. Every time I walked into a store, I was drawn to the racks that have clothing with stripes. I think I bought three black and white striped dresses during that time. The dress has no sleeves, so I wore a shrug.

What made this outfit fun for me was adding a pop of hot pink with this Kate Spade clutch. This clutch was a gift to me form my sister for Christmas a year ago. Here is a similar one.

Because modesty is very important to me, I add other skirts underneath some of my dresses and skirts to add length. I used to have trouble finding skirts and dresses that were long enough, but now that is no longer an issue. Many people think I'm wearing a one-piece item when it's actually two pieces. 

The shoes were a pair of patent leather Nine West that I bought in Sherman Oaks, California while visiting my Grandmother in Beverly Hills a few years ago. Here are similar shoes.

Oh, by the way, I finally bought a Nikon DSLR. I am working on my picture-taking skills. Please be patient with me. Has anyone bought a new gadget that's they're having fun learning how to use?

Thanks for reading!

This is my first blog post! Yay! When I stepped outside a few weeks ago it was roughly 81 degrees here while my NY counterparts were experiencing weather in the single digits. Yikes! This outfit was inspired by my and hubby and I going out for a quick trip to Starbucks (coffee for me and tea for him).

I paired a black Anne Klein shirt with a flowing pink dress by Lapis that I purchased a few years ago. I have always worn it as a skirt though. It has so many floral details on it that I always receive a lot of compliments every time I wear it. It is literally one of my favorite skirts. It is so feminine-looking. To tie the outfit together, I wore a brown, textured Old Navy skinny belt, Marc Fisher Joey Peep Toe Pumps that you can view/purchase here, and Tory Burch sunglasses. The pumps are so sparkly and pretty. Again, I'm a sucker for all things girly. The ultimate accessory was my Hermes Kelly bag handmade from ostrich. I LOVE this bag. It's my absolute favorite, and I wear it only sparingly.

How is everyone else coping with the cold weather? I'd love to hear all about it.
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