Milton’s Chicken Parmesan

dsc_1257Happy Friday, everyone! How was your week? Mine was incredible! It’s not that I did anything special, but I honestly just love life. I think I’ve learned how to be optimistic in most situations, so that pretty much carries me through the week haha.

Today’s post is so fun for me because of what it represents. For several years I had struggled with how to incorporate life into homeschooling. I didn’t want to lose a day of school to teach it, but when you really think about it, teaching life…is still learning. Anyhow, last week, part of his life skills day was to learn how to cook another meal. He has already mastered making my white chocolate chip pancakes (from scratch), omelettes, fried eggs, and now we wanted him to learn how to work with chicken and pasta. Even the sauce was made mostly from scratch with tomato sauce, garlic, basil, etc. The result? Deliciousness! The best part was his sense of accomplishment and how excited he was that we enjoyed his meal. Of course, the hubs helped a bit, but last night, he made the same chicken so he could have an opportunity to do it on his own. If you missed the first blog post, please read it HERE.

Here are the other pics below:

dsc_1240dsc_1247dsc_1243dsc_1245dsc_1248dsc_1249dsc_1250dsc_1251dsc_1253 dsc_1256Shop either exact or similar items below…

dsc_1255 What are your thoughts about home economics for all children?



The Bag in the Box

dsc_0008-03dsc_0001-01 dsc_0004-01 dsc_0005-01 dsc_0006-01 dsc_0007-02dsc_1264dsc_1265dsc_1266Happy Wednesday, everyone! Sorry for the later than usual post, but…life! Haha. Anyway, a friend of mine was here for the morning. We were trying out the teas for the tea party since she can’t make it, and I also made her white chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Fun!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated a milestone wedding anniversary. I won’t say the number because then you’ll try to put two and two together and figure out how old my hubby is hahaha. Well, he’s so sweet because he always wants to go above and beyond for our milestone anniversaries. His plan for this one besides a trip to celebrate? A bag for me! Even so, I didn’t know if I wanted to keep it even after taking so long to decide which one I wanted. I almost brought it back. It was in the box for eight days before I even took it out and decided to wear it. I’m glad I did though. Glad I took it out glad I kept it. I really wanted a more formal handbag and I fell in love with the red material on the inside and the thick, gold chain strap. Also there is a partition in the bag. I’ve never had a bag with a partition, so this was new for me. It took months to decide on the one I wanted. In the last picture, my wallet is in the bag, so that’s why you see the same design inside.

What do you think? I also made a slide show below of some similar pieces to what I’m wearing. You can shop the look if you’d like. I don’t have a link to the bag, but you can go HERE to see it. I also linked some cross body bags with chain straps below.

Have a great day!


My Top Fall Picks for the Home







dsc_1214dsc_1220DSC_0258Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend?

I had a great one. My mom flew in on Friday morning for the day and night and we spent the evening and night with her and some family members playing cards.

Before we could meet up with them, I had some errands to run while Milt was at his biology class. With the tea party coming up and me wanting to get the house ready for the fall, I had spent hours on,, and in Marshall’s. The pictures above show how we decorated the house so far. My wreath is not up yet, and the door mat is on it’s way so we’re slowly working on it.

When we started decorating the house, we went with items that can easily be swapped out for seasonal pieces. The hurricanes with the pumpkins in them usually hold several different types of fillers and colored candles. For the Christmas season, the hurricanes will have snow flakes in them. For the Spring, we replace those with eggs. The shaggy pillows are on the two chairs that sit in front of the window by the pool and we’ll usually change those out with bow pillows for Christmas and maaaaaaybe the owl pillows in the slideshow for the Fall. The chipmunk is on the fireplace mantle, but when Christmas comes, we’ll place a white fox there with white Christmas tree LED taper candles. On the dining room table, we are using pumpkin napkin rings, pumpkin salt and pepper shakers, pumpkin bowls and pumpkin soup tureen. For Christmas, we have reindeer salt and pepper shakers, a multitude of napkin rings, including the bow rings you see in the slideshow, a faux fur table runner, and a beaded runner on top. For the Spring, the salt and pepper shakers are blue eggs in a brown nest. I’m not a huge fan of dish towels hanging from the stove, but I kind of like these pumpkin towels we just purchased from Marshall’s. For the Christmas season, we swap out those for red ones with candy canes (or something like that – I can’t remember).

I find one of the easiest and cheapest ways to decorate for seasons is to keep it simple.

1. I have an affinity for decorative pillows, but a good thing to do is buy pillow inserts and just change out the pillow case. This is probably what I need to do, but I don’t. I think it’s a great idea though.
2. Another way to make these changes is to add a few pieces here and there. A fall wreath can be replaced with one for the Christmas, and that can be replaced with one for the Spring. Instead of changing out everything, just add a few decorative season-inspired pieces.
3. Buy items after each season so you’ll be ready for it next year. You’ll pay a lot less.
4. Make some items. I’m not very crafty, but my hubby is. I find things I like and he does me the huge favor of making it for me.
5. Buy LED candles in different colors. I love this idea because they never burn out and you never have to replace them. I have a remote for my bigger LED candles.

In the slideshow below, you’ll see some of the items we use in our home.

What are some things you do to spruce up your home for the changes of the seasons?



Sweetly Bonding

dsc_1176dsc_1178Here is my husband’s train of annoyance lol. He has the black pieces and his train is usually the longest. My son won that night though.dsc_0368dsc_1200dsc_1198dsc_1199dsc_1202dsc_1203Here are two of our favorite games and some ice cream bowls. We played the North American version of Ticket to Ride. Our ice cream bowls were a gift from my sister. I believe they were from Home Goods.

Happy Friday, everyone! This is our 10th year of homeschooling. Milton is in the 9th grade. Say what?! I don’t know how time flew by so quickly!

This year, for his curriculum, I decided I would try something different with him. Instead of a full day of instruction on Fridays, some portions of Friday are now dedicated to life skills. This has been on my mind for the past few months because, whether or not he knows it, he’s going away to college, and I want to make sure he is prepared for life. The plan is to focus on a different skill/area of focus every two months, so he will learn four new skills each year of school. The first two months we are focusing on home economics. He’s learning how to cook, properly do laundry, maintain the lawn and pool, take out the house trash and dishes. I know it seems pretty basic, but I promise, it’s been great, and he’s learning quite a lot right now. In addition to this, I am trying to make a point to have social/learning outings with his homeschool friends at least once a month. For instance, last month, they met up to paint pottery and have lunch.

Another change we made is making sure he is sticking to class periods. He has a schedule (he always did) that lists what he needs to be doing at every moment of the day. That might sound harsh, but if any of you homeschool, you know these kids like to get up and aimlessly roam the house throughout the day. He said the schedule made him feel as if he were a robot, but to be honest, the schedule allows him to get everything done without being stressed out. His math, in years past, would take 3-4 hours each day, but sometimes, it seemed as though it took all day long and he wasn’t getting the other subjects done at a decent rate. Now, he has blocked off math time in the morning, right after lunch, and then an allotted homework time each evening, so if he didn’t finish his math, or another subject, he would still have time to do it. Again, if you homeschool, or if you don’t, you might find it crazy that he has homework time. The truth is that I HAD to find a way to have the school day end, give him time to do other things, have a mental break, and then have a designated ‘homework time’ to study/finish the day’s work. I’m no longer wondering where the day went. Also, at the ending of last year, he was getting up on his own and starting his day. This year, he’s getting up almost 2 hours earlier than the scheduled 8AM wake-up-time. He’s matured so much in this area of getting up and getting his schoolwork done.

Another part of his schedule is PE. He has to complete 120 hours of PE in ninth grade, but he has to try different types of activities. One way to earn credit is to play board games. He doesn’t really care for board games, however, we played Ticket to Ride with a friend the other day, and now he’s hooked. He’s even asking to play and beat us the other night.

One way we like to bond, is by having dessert together while doing a family activity, whether it be watching a movie at home, playing a game, or even being out at a restaurant. Many times when we start an activity such as this, one of us always wants to know who will be the one to get dessert. It is usually me, but I don’t mind it. On Tuesday night, we did just that. We played Ticket to Ride again and ate dessert while doing so.

An issue for us is my hubby’s dietary restrictions with being lactose intolerant and trying to find something that is not packed with sugar. We may have found the perfect solution in Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts. Have you ever tried it? The desserts are lactose-free, fat-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, Kosher, have a low Glycemic Index, and are low in calories! The two we tried on Tuesday night, during our family board game night, were Snickerdoodle Dandy and Cake Batter.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not ice cream, and if you are expecting that taste, you’ll be disappointed. It is a frozen dessert. It has the consistency of frozen yogurt. We let it sit on the counter for about 15 minutes to let it soften a bit.

My hubby said it was refreshing. My son was blown away that even eating the entire pint of the Snickerdoodle had less calories than a honey bun. You know those are definitely the words of a growing teenage boy who loves to eat.The Cake Batter only had about 150 calories in the ENTIRE pint! Seriously, you can eat these desserts every day. We have three more flavors to try, and I know we won’t be disappointed. I’ll be sure to update you on those as we go through them.

My favorite part about Arctic Zero was the fact that it was low in calories and it is something my husband can eat for dessert without all the side effects of dairy products. I also didn’t experience a bad after taste. After spending several days a week lifting weights at the gym, the last thing I want to do is be derailed by a high calorie dessert. I even downloaded a calorie-counting app on my phone, and on days when I don’t make it to the gym, I can still have desert! If you have a sweet tooth, it is a great way to mix up your dessert choices.

You can find Arctic Zero at your local grocer or go HERE to order your own. Mine were delivered to me, and you can have yours shipped as well.

Now you know one we love to spend time as a family, what are some things you do or use to heighten your family’s your bonding experience? I’d love to hear about it. Please leave your ideas below.



Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

Fall Kickoff Shenanigans

dsc_1188dsc_1181dsc_1192dsc_1180 dsc_1191 dsc_1189dsc_1187 dsc_1185 dsc_1183 dsc_1182dsc_1193Happy Wednesday, everyone! A few days ago I posted a video on Instagram of how I spent the first day of September. It was the launch date of many fall clothing lines, the unofficial first day of Fall, and the day Starbucks brought back the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL)!

In my video, I shared that I had gone out and bought my first PSL of the season, but as I was at Starbucks, I saw, fell in love with, and had to buy THIS!!! I mean, how could I not?! Here’s the video below. You might have to reload your page if it doesn’t show the first time.

Anyhow, after going to Starbucks, Milt and I went to the mall to try to buy him a pair of sunglasses. We strolled into Macy’s because they are ALWAYS having a sale and we can usually find a good deal there. Furthermore, I like buying sunglasses with cases and a warranty. He found a pair for a third of the original price, and it came with a warranty, and a hard case haha. My faves!

I ventured away from him over to the ladies’ shoe section which is right next to Sunglass Hut. I wasn’t actually shopping. I was just looking…you know how that goes right? 🙂 Well, I found a pair of booties that were on sale. Their advertised sale was 50-65% off the original prices with an additional 25% off. How could I pass up that deal? I thought the booties were going to be about $30, so I went to get the price. They were $15.80 plus tax! I was so ecstatic!

One of the quickest ways to easily transition an outfit from Summer to Fall is to add pieces like these. A denim jacket worn over an outfit can do the trick. Also, boots/booties of any kind have the same effect. Booties, shoeties, and over-the-knee boots are perfect for transitioning to the Fall. Remember, wait as late as you can to purchase these items, and you’ll be sure to get a great deal because stores will be setting up for Winter wear. For us who live in states that are warm during the Fall, a lighter denim jacket is perfect.

I posted a slideshow below with exact and similar items to what I’m wearing. The skirt is from VintageLadyBelles or on Instagram. The flowers were from the hubs. I call them my ‘just-because Fall flowers.” I’ll be starting to decorate the house with Fall-isnpired items.

So, I start the Fall season with PSL, PSL coffee creamer at home, and Fall decor at home. What do you do? I would LOVE to hear about it.



Milton’s 14th Birthday

dsc_0404dsc_0367 dsc_036820160910_232738-0120160910_232753 Hello, everyone! I was going to publish this post tomorrow, but decided to do it tonight in honor of my son’s birthday.

How was your weekend? Mine was fabulous. We celebrated my son’s 14th birthday, remembered the tragedy that struck 15 years ago in New York, and had a blast in Orlando.

On September 11th, everyone always says where they were or what they were doing. On that day fifteen years ago, I had just recently returned from the Bahamas for our honeymoon. I was sitting on my bed watching the news when the first plane hit, but didn’t think it was a terrorist attack. I thought maybe a flock of birds had caused the plane to accidentally crash into the tower.  As Regis and Kelly was starting, the second plane hit. That’s when I realized it was not a coincidence.

I can’t even tell you the panic I felt. We only lived about an hour thirty minutes north of Manhattan, but Milt worked as a supervisor for UPS at 42nd Street. He saw the smoke from the building! They were all sent home. My dad was also working in the city (and still does). He had to help evacuate people from the area. It was a very frightening experience for all, but knowing you have loved ones right in the middle of it was so very stressful. I’ll never forget watching the masses of people, sometimes barefooted, running across the Brooklyn Bridge trying to get away from the destruction.

A year after that unforgettable day, my little boy was born. He’s obviously not so little anymore. He’s almost 5′ 8″ tall! Anyway, he sometimes gets sad on his birthday because he thinks of what the day symbolizes.

This year, he invited over a few friends for a sleepover. We would have done something bigger for him, but he just wanted to play basketball, swim, and play video games. It worked out extremely well. The hubs grilled food while the boys played. I had baked and decorated vanilla Oreo cupcakes earlier that day. Again, we were willing to get an ice cream cake or something similar, but he just wanted me to bake.

On Saturday, we invited a friend to go with us to Orlando. We wanted to go to IKEA to pick out some bins for the new television console we just purchased for the family room. The piece of furniture is a lot more open so we needed something for organization.

I also needed to pick out the teas I’m going to use for the tea party. Have you ever been to Teavana? It’s a Starbucks company that sells teas. We tasted many of their hot teas, one cold one, and found some amazing deals on the loose tea leaves. I cannot WAIT for the tea party! I also had to pick up a really special gift for yours truly, so my friend and I ran upstairs to do that while the Miltons waited for us.

By this time, we were famished. We went to Universal CityWalk, had dinner, played mini golf, met up with a friend from another church, and then had dessert at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium. The dessert was so ridiculously big but yummy. The last two are the dessert pics. They are of bad quality, but again, we only used cell phones for pics that night. I don’t have any digital pictures of the day because I didn’t want to bring my camera all around since the handbag I carried that day was tiny. I guess I could have brought the camera backpack though. The two pics from above are the teas we picked out, the little gift for me, and our game of Ticket to Ride that we played on Sunday night.

On Instagram yesterday, I posted a pic of Milty and asked my Insta-friends if they were parents to only children. I was curious because so many people make it seem as though you need more than one child to be really understand being a parent. Am I missing something? 🙂 I disagree with that. I actually like not having to choose one kid over the other. I don’t think it’s hard to teach an only child to share and to care about other people’s feelings. I think that has to do with how the parents are. Even though he is an only child, we recognize that other people matter. I do realize that he is the most important child to me though. I love others, but I care more about his well-being the most. I can’t treat him as if he has siblings. We want the best for him, and we will always try to do the best for him. I can’t force him to be in the shadow of another child from another family and no amount of unwarranted psycho-analysis (from people who aren’t psychologists) will change that. As I wrote some time last week, my family comes first to me. Please forgive me if it seems I’m a little annoyed. I’m actually not annoyed, but I won’t play favorites between my son and someone else’s. Milton will always be my first choice.

What are your thoughts?


Oh, and the game? I won, haha. This was the first time I ever won Ticket to Ride and I think I was challenged to a rematch 🙂

Booties Galore

img_20160909_100222Here is a peak at the booties I bought for $16 at Macy’s a few days ago. Outfit details to come in another post.

Glitter for Breakfast and a Huge Announcement

DSC_1152 DSC_1153 DSC_1154DSC_1156 DSC_1155DSC_1157 DSC_1150

Shop the look 
Happy Wednesday, everyone! How was your Labor Day? Mine was fun! We had a long, lazy day at home. We thought of doing several different activities, but the incessant rain just killed our mood haha. We almost went swimming too, but that didn’t happen. A friend came over to visit and we all went outside and played Horse with the basketball. I didn’t play. I was the cheerleader 🙂 After Horse, we ate some of the grilled food Milt had made, played Ticket to Ride, the North American version, had Dutch apple pie with vanilla ice cream and chatted for hours while I drank coffee with pumpkin spice creamer. Duh! It’s September and time for PSL!!!

Recently I wrote on here that I changed my degree program. Since then, I’ve had a TON of people asking me about my new major. I wanted to wait until I had taken several classes before telling anyone, although I did tell one friend simply. I’m currently on classes three and four, so I thought today would be the day I should make that announcement.

*drumroll please*

My new program is….Master of Science in Marketing – Digital Media and Advertising! Yay! I don’t think you know how excited I am about this program. I never thought in a million years I would be interested in marketing…business, yes, but marketing? I always thought I would get an MBA of sorts. I had even considered that as an option because there was a marketing/international concentration option. My goal is to work in the social media/marketing arena in some capacity, but I want to travel. I want to work mostly from home but be able to take my work with me and travel either for work or for pleasure.

With all I’ve been doing in social media lately, I finally feel I’ve found my niche and it’s such a liberating feeling. Starting this blog, reviewing products, interacting with like-minded people on some of these outlets has been amazing. I’m just getting started, but there have been some unbelievable experiences so far. This degree will help me to better understand this world of social media even more.

Oh, and the glitter? On Sunday I had glitter all over my face. Multiple people asked me why I had glitter all over my face. We all realized it was from the skirt. My response? I told them I had eaten glitter at breakfast so I could sparkle and shine all day 🙂 I purchased the skirt at NY and Company over the Christmas break two years ago for less than $20. I couldn’t find the exact skirt to link for you, but you can shop my look via the slideshow above. I put in as many exact pieces as I could. Other items are similar, but my favorite part is the leopard shoes are about $39!



A Day at the Nature Center

DSC_0899-01DSC_0902-01DSC_0906-01DSC_0908-01DSC_0910-01DSC_0911-01DSC_0918-01DSC_0916-01DSC_0922-01 DSC_0919-02DSC_0924-01DSC_0917-01Happy Labor Day, everyone! This post is way past due, but can you believe we were in New York for almost one month and did nothing but work? Well, that’s only partly true. I shopped, and did school work, but the thing I love to do, which is go to Manhattan, didn’t happen. I know! It’s crazy!!

Okay, so in actuality, I don’t really feel the need to go into the city every time I’m there. We go to New York two to six times a year and we normally spend some time in the city each time we’re there. This time, however, we had just a small window of time in which to go, and we didn’t. We ended up going to the Greenburgh Nature Center instead.

The nature center is about fifteen minutes from my parents house and one of our favorite places to go. You can walk the luscious grounds for free or pay to get in and see the animals.

Inside, we saw various animals including toads, salamanders, snakes, bugs, chinchillas, ferrets, tortoises, doves, etc. I even touched a ferret and chinchilla. This was a big deal for me because I am skittish around lady bugs haha.

We didn’t pay to see the butterflies this time, but on the grounds, we walked to a little farm area and saw goats, chickens, turkeys, etc. We saw two bald eagles and a raven that kept saying, “hello!”

On the way out, we completed the story walk. You walk along the path and read the story posted on the signs as you go. The homeschool teacher in me had my son make up the story instead.

We had a blast. Ever been to a nature center? If so, where?



What Happened to Milton?

DSC_1059 DSC_1060 DSC_1061 DSC_1064 DSC_1065DSC_1062 DSC_1068

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your week was great. I finished the summer semester of school and labored in making the decision of whether or not I would take classes in the first or second part of the fall semester. I went with the first half, so yes, class started this past Monday. With my schedule over the next few months, I’ll most likely only take classes during the fall semester from now on.

A few weeks ago, I promised to write about bible quizzing. It’s actually something I do at the conclusion of every year that we’ve quizzed, although this year was a little different. The main reason why it was different is because our son didn’t finish the year…at least not the way he normally does. It’s been on my mind because the number one question we were asked all the time was, “what happened to Milton?”

Usually, Milton, my son, will learn a certain amount of verses and attend monthly tournaments all over the state of Florida and sometimes venture out to tournaments in other states. At the ending of the year, there is a final state competition and then the national competition if his team qualified for nationals.

This year that just ended was his eighth year quizzing. For many reasons, we removed him from the team he was on, and he did not complete the actual competition portion of this year. He was in three bible quizzing divisions in three years, whereas a child is normally in one division for three years. For the division in which he was supposed to be, he had learned all of his required material, which was 433 verses…the entire book of Romans, but he learned about 40 verses beyond that. For many people, it might seem as though he failed to complete the year, but it would depend on what you consider a failure to be.

Most people understand the goal of bible quizzing is to have children memorize the Word of God. THAT is the goal. The tournament and the competitive nature of the sport is the tool used to accomplish that goal. Some quizzers are not very competitive by nature, so they might know all their verses and still not hit the buzzer. Yet still, there might be some quizzers who know all their material but lack the experience, or speed, of getting to hit the buzzer first. If you consider all these things, not winning a game or not getting to the buzzer first or not being recognized as one of the quizzers with the highest score is not the real measure of success. If we go back to the goal of bible quizzing, we can see that if a child learned one verse or 500 verses, that’s 1 or 500 more than they knew when they began the year. The truly successful bible quizzer is the one who has learned scripture…no matter how much…period!

Even though we were no longer helping our son with senior quizzing this year, we were still involved in junior quizzing. Also, our good friend was coaching a team in another city in the state of Florida, so we were still following senior quizzing. For this reason, when her team qualified to go to the national tournament, I went with them to help with practice, support, etc.

During the tournament, there was a two-day devotion given by Claudia Walker. She taught about a scripture, Zechariah 4:6, upon which she based her message and her entire coaching strategy. I had heard the verse being used before, but for the first time, it made sense, in a genuine way. I don’t personally know her, but I could sense that she really meant what she said and ran her quiz program by this principle. She seemed extremely genuine and what made it seem that way is that her testimony matched up with what she said she did as a coach.

If you don’t know by now, I love to learn. Below, here is some of what I learned, and what I realized from these lessons.

  1. Bible quizzing is not the place for competition. Say whaaaaat?! This sounds preposterous, but how can you compete against your own body? When the quizzers sit down at the table, if they are quizzing unto the Lord, they are no longer quizzing against the other team. Wow! That one blew my mind.
  2. A coach’s real trophy is not the metal they take home, but the Christian children they are creating. I have coached, and I have worked with coaches. There are many differences in the coaching styles I’ve come across. Some coaches are 98% ministry minded and they want to be fair to all kids involved. They want to win but they focus on building the team more than anything else. They will rotate the quizzers and make sure everyone gets their fair share. They will reward each member on the team with buzzer time as long as they are up to date with their verses. They understand that some quizzers lack the speed and experience of other quizzers and because they respect everyone’s efforts, so they create and environment where everyone can participate. This coach will be happy losing to the another team as long as their quizzers did their best, were obedient to their instructions, and displayed good sportsmanship. This coach will also recognize that the tournaments throughout the year are for practice and they will allow participation for all team members to try to cultivate the strongest team possible. The other 2% of their coaching strategy is the part of them that really wants to win the game/tournament. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have coaches that are 98% focused on competition and will go to great lengths to win, even if it means that some team members don’t get to participate. On a quiz team, you can have up to five members, but many teams have two or three kids. This coaching style will depend on a super star quizzer to the detriment of the other quizzers on the team. This coach will also look to annihilate the team against which they are playing. This coach will say they care about the team they are coaching, but their actions will demonstrate the exact opposite. They will not be inclusive but will be very exclusive. They will limit the participation of team members because their only goal is to win at all costs. This coach will restrict growth in their quizzers. They will keep them from reaching their full potential. They will not allow them to be involved because they don’t ‘trust’ their abilities. This coaching style displays only about 2% of ministry maybe in the form of shaking hands with the other team. The result of this is professional bible quizzing where no one can or wants to participate. Whew! What a mouthful. Yet, I still learned something haha. I learned the perfect coaching blend is one in which the coach displays the ministry portion by allowing participation of all quizzers. Don’t get me wrong, I understand certain strategies are needed to win the competition, and that is fine, but those strategies should not be so exclusive that kids on the team feel as though they are not a part of that team. It should not be to the point where kids are put down while others are built up. The coach with the perfect mix of ministry and competition will use each quizzer’s strengths and weakness, because ALL quizzers have a strength and ALL have a weakness. This coach will remember the GOAL of quizzing and help quizzers reach their full potential.
  3. When it comes to God, there’s no losing, you either win or you learn. I have been feeling this a lot lately. Sometimes at the end of a quiz match, some kids and their coaches will feel as though they ‘lost.’ I don’t look at it this way at all. Going back to the goal of quizzing, how could they possibly have lost? There is one quiz master (the person that asks the questions during the tournament), in my opinion, that announces the ‘winning’ team correctly. He calls them a numerical winner. Every time I hear him say that, it confirms this belief of both teams being winning teams.
  4. Comparison is the thief of joy. We’ve all been there. We’ve all wished something someone else had was ours instead. This applies to bible quizzing as well. When we see the numerical winners, it’s very tempting to wish it was our team that had won, but again, we have either won or we have learned.
  5. Bible quizzing is not the only area where you can be involved. For some people, bible quizzing is not their world. It is a part of their life and they do many other things. For others, it’s all they do, to the detriment of other aspects of life. For instance, in my household, bible quizzing is only a part of what we do. We are involved in other things, and we do other things. Even though his education is parent-directed, my son’s school schedule is extremely rigorous, he plays an instrument, he takes classes at our umbrella school, he has functions and gatherings with his friends, we travel, etc. With all this, he always learns all his verses. I admit, this year was a challenge, for many reasons, but he did learn them all. We took him out of his composition class, his civics class, his computer programming II class, piano lessons, and previously karate, just to make sure he had time for bible quizzing, and in the end, we removed him from that too. It’s easy to say it was all for nothing, but again, if you go back to the goal of it all, then we didn’t lose…we learned. I know he can’t major in bible quizzing in college. He’ll never bible quiz for a living. His schooling actually comes first. If school starts to suffer, then extracurricular activities get rearranged so life isn’t stressful. For us, bible quizzing is the most important extracurricular activity we do.
  6. Watching a less experienced team was very refreshing. It was also wonderful to be with my friend who not only used to be a quizzer, but she loves both of the team members and values what each of them brought to the team. I had a really great time with her and her team. She coached a rookie team at the national tournament, and it was so much fun getting to know the girls and their family members. We had so much fun working with the girls and meeting people from other teams. We painted pottery, drank way too much coffee, and laughed probably more than we should have. She and I went shopping and found some amazing deals! I’ve been posting them in different pictures on here and on Instagram. One of the stores was Forever 21 and the other was NY and Company.
  7. I’m thankful for true friends. The support we received during some trying times this past year was unbelievable. While some people jumped to conclusions about things, others asked and listened to what we had to say…and believe me, we didn’t say much 🙂 We had some unexpected people standing firmly in our corner and they stood behind us all the way.
  8. I was reminded that my hubby is a great judge of character. Sometimes I get a bit blinded by great, swelling words and promises of great friendship, but he’s always spot on about seeing beyond the facade. Sometimes things will trouble him and he’ll say something to me, but I am always so hopeful that by the time I see what he has seen for a long time, it’s too late haha. Thank God for him.
  9. The biggest thing I learned is that my family comes first. I always knew this, but listening to the devotionals just reconfirmed what I already knew. That being said, over the past few months, we have made the tough choice to do whatever or go wherever we need to make sure our family unit is okay.

Sorry for the extremely long post. I’ve wanted to write this for some time now, but since I changed the frequency of publishing posts, and with being busy with school, and knowing I wanted to be true to myself and the reason I started this blog in the first place, I decided to write this. I honestly just believe in being real, being sincere, and being humble.

Before I go, I must tell you about this dress. I received it from Karina Dresses a few months back. Go HERE to see/purchase your own beauty. It is anti-wrinkle! Did you catch that?! You don’t have to iron it. I am not a fan of ironing, so that is a huge plus for me. Every time I wear the dress, I receive many compliments. The color is very vibrant and the print is pretty.

In the slideshow above, I linked to items similar to what I’m wearing. If you have any questions, comments, etc., please leave a comment below or send me an email.

Thanks for reading!