Glitter Heels and Couponing Tips 1

I posted a pic of these really amazing metallic gold shoes with glittered heels on my Instastories and had an overwhelming response about them. Go HERE to see the exact pair, but see the widget below for similar pairs. They are on sale for $15, are wide fit, and are super cute! I also posted some similar shoes below. Also, below, you will find my exact and similar blazer, and similar sequin skirts. The blazer is very lightweight and was perfect for me to put over the white shirt I was wearing. It made the outfit a bit more edgy.

How to Become an Extreme Couponer

A few years ago, I stumbled into extreme couponing. It started out with me just wanting to save my family some money. We were spending between $600 and $800 a month between groceries and paper products. Starting our very first grocery trip with coupons, we saved about 70% of our normal bill. From there, I saw the savings go as high as 110% savings. You know what that means? I was getting money back from the cashiers!

The tips and tricks I will share below are extremely unconventional, but if you will follow them exactly, I can guarantee that you will cut your grocery and drug store bills. I am starting with grocery store shopping in the first few posts, but if you want to get all the newest tips, go to the top, right-hand-side of the home page and SUBSCRIBE simply because I might not always publish a blog post with this information. I might sometimes send it in an email. By subscribing, you will receive these money-saving tips straight to your inbox.

One tip I have is that you follow these steps and follow the plan. If you do not follow them exactly, you will not see the best possible savings.

  1. Stop shopping at the super-center. These tips work BEST at large grocery stores: Publix, Winn Dixie, Kroger, H.E.B., Food Lion, etc. If you insist on shopping at the super-center, you will not see the same results as the folks who shop at grocery stores. You can take this from me. If you watched my Instagram stories the other day, you will know I have not bought dinner napkins in 4-5 years. Last year I wanted to add Tide laundry detergent to my laundry room stockpile, but before that, I hadn’t bought detergent since 2013. Yes, you read that correctly…2013!!! I am not telling you anything I didn’t do. I did this for years. I taught coupon classes. I had a coupon-matching website and taught people the EXACT same things I’m going to teach you. People I taught are still using these methods and saving tons of money today!
  2. Understand the sales-cycle. EVERY item in a grocery store follows a sales cycle. Roughly every 6 to 12 weeks, ALL items hit a rock-bottom price. THIS is when you want to buy these items. This then becomes the beginning of your stockpile if you follow this for several weeks.
  3. STOP making a grocery list based on what is not in your fridge and pantry. When you do this, you have made a list of many things not on sale. Instead, buy what is on sale, stockpile those items, and cook those items when it’s meal time.
  4. Determine how much of an item you need to get your family through the sales cycle. Let’s say the rock-bottom price of a box of Cheerios is $1.99. Let’s also say that it drops down to this price every 6 weeks. (The weeks in between, you will see the price fluctuate from $1.99 up to the full price).  In addition, let’s say your family eats one box of Cheerios each week. The way to immediately save, even before using a single coupon, is to buy enough Cheerios at $1.99 per box –  the ROCK-BOTTOM price – to get your family through the 6 weeks it will take to hit rock-bottom pricing again. Following this logic, you would buy 6 – 8 boxes during this time. If you do NOT buy enough to make it through the entire sales cycle, you WILL end up paying a higher price! Apply this thought process to ALL items you buy.
  5. Lose brand loyalties. Unless you have an allergy to a product or a specific dietary need, try different brands. Let’s face it, some items will never be free or very low in price even after using a coupon, but you might find another brand of the same product that might be a much better deal. Example: you might love Heinz Ketchup, but the lowest price is $2. Suppose you can get Hunt’s Ketchup for $.50, would you try it? I would. That’s how you save. On the other hand, there’s a fabric softener that makes me break out and I am extremely allergic to it. I would not use it at all. Also, there are certain brands I have decided I want to keep using, even if it’s not the cheapest, but I still try to buy those items on sale.
  6. Buy ONLY a week’s worth of necessities if they are not on sale. For instance, if you need yogurt but it’s not on sale, buy ONLY enough to get you through the week, each week, until it hits rock-bottom pricing. DO NOT stock up on products that are not at their lowest prices. Only buy enough to get you through a week at a time in anticipation of when it drops down to its lowest price. When it does, then, and ONLY then, buy enough to get you through the sales-cycle. Until then, buy only enough to get you through the week.
  7. “Shop” in your pantry. If you buy enough of rock-bottom-priced items each week to make it through the cycle, you will be creating a stockpile. The thought process here is that when you need something to cook for meals, head to your pantry, fridge, or deep freezer and ‘shop’ from your stockpile instead of having to go to the store. Remember, if you go on random shopping trips, you will most likely pay full-retail pricing. I like to buy and cook what’s on sale. If we want tilapia but we don’t have tilapia in the freezer, we have determined to cook what IS in our home. We get tilapia the NEXT time it’s on sale.

I will leave you with these for now. If you have any questions, comments, or need help understanding anything I’ve written, leave a comment below or send me an email.

***For me to help you further, I NEED you to comment below with the grocery stores in your area. If you need store-specific help, I can only give you those tips if I know where you will shop. If not, I will either teach a grocery store in the south and one in the north, or I will keep the teaching very general.

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Stripes, Fur, and Fashionista Tip 2


Hello, lovelies! So everyone has been posting pictures on social media of all the cold weather and snow. We finally had a few cold days here in Florida. It was roughly 45 degrees on Sunday, and Monday wasn’t any warmer. The only problem is that when Florida gets down below 65 degrees, you feel as if you’re in the arctic haha.

You’ll notice in these pictures, I am in ‘warm’ clothing. I just happen to be wearing this amazing striped dress from Emmy J. Apparel. They sent me this dress so I could review it. It’s a great dress. It is lined, well-made, comes with a detachable belt, falls below the knee, has pockets and is affordable. Again, I like when clothing have good quality, and this is definitely one. You can go HERE to visit the website where I received my dress. I don’t think they are in stock anymore but there are so many great deals and you can use code ’30OFF’ for an additional 30% off. Um…I’m headed there now because I like THIS and THIS…a lot!

My fur vest is a great hand-me-down from my sister. She has amazing taste, so her hand-me-downs don’t quite seem hand-me-downish lol. My shoes are also a pair I’m crazy about. I had bought a leopard pair and like them so much I wanted another one. They are extremely comfortable, the heel isn’t too high, and the price isn’t bad at all.

Now, before I go, I’m going to leave you with fashionista tip number 2. These tips are meant to help you be able to dress like a fashionista and be able to afford it all. If you would like to read tip 1 first, go HERE. It lays a great foundation for tip 2.

Fashionista Tip 2 – If money is a factor (as it usually is for most of us) focus on ONE fashion item/category that you really like and splurge on that. You can even go as far as choosing a secondary item/category. The trick is to then spend less money on other things. Still go for quality as much as you can because those items will last longer and won’t need to be replaced as much, hence allowing for more money for your splurge item(s).

If you notice in my pictures, I almost always have a really nice handbag on my arm and/or a nice pair of shoes. Those are the top two categories for me. There are more that I love (naturally lol), and I’ll share them with you soon, but I focus on these two the most. I’ve actually spent the last 15 years or so working on building my handbag collection and I buy a lot of shoes…a lot of shoes. If I can get the bags on sale, I try, but there is one brand I buy that never, ever goes on sale…so I buy it if I want it…as long as I can afford it.

For my shoes, I also try to get ALL of them on sale. Some I get free through BOGO sales, some don’t cost that much, but others have been up there in price. Again, I ALWAYS go for quality, and I’m willing to pay for that. Remember, it’s cost-per-wear, not cost-per-item.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I am always posting about the latest deal I found on clothing, shoes, etc. I try to be diligent with saving on clothes and other things as much as I can, and I love to share those deals with you. That’s one of the reasons why I told you about the dress above. The dress is a great deal, it’s fashionable, of good quality, and you would be supporting a small shop/business.

Don’t forget to browse the widget I prepared with exact and similar items for you to shop my look. I’ll be writing the other tips in the next few weeks, so head to the top right of my page where you can subscribe for blog updates.

Hugs, and please leave any thoughts or questions below.


P.S. Also on my Instastories, I’ve been telling everyone about an exclusive deal for my readers. Go HERE to take advantage of it.

Pom Pom Scarf

Hey, ladies. I have been posting a ton of stories on Instagram explaining what’s going on in our kitchen…major renovations because of a leak we had. We always wanted to redo the kitchen, but this water damage sped up the process.

I’ve been very low key for the past few days trying to help out with the project and also trying to enjoy the last few days of the Christmas break. Reality will hit on Thursday when we go back to school haha.

Here is a cute scarf I ordered a few days ago. It’s in the Amazon widget above, and there are several patterns and styles if you want to choose a different one. I love the pom poms on the end.

My dress is from Maggie Jay Clothing. It is sooooo soft and comfortable and perfect for our frequent Home Depot and Lowe’s trips…especially the flats I’m wearing…lots of walking up and down those aisles ha. I literally feel as if I’m wearing a night gown, but it’s really neat because it works with any scarf, vest, sweater, or cardigan. Check them out, but in the meantime, I linked some striped dresses above starting at $9.99!

I also linked a bag and some shoes that are similar to a pair I posted on Instagram yesterday. I received a ton of compliments and questions about them, so I put similar ones here too.

We’ll chat soon, and don’t forget to watch my Insta-stories. I’ll most likely put some pics on here with the progress of the kitchen.