Our Guest Bathroom Remodel is Finally Complete

Yay! I’m so excited about the completion of our guest bathroom. I’ve posted these “before” pictures already, but here is a quick recap of how the bathroom looked before we started this project. These pictures are completely untouched because I wanted to show exactly how the bathroom looked previously. Now…prepared to be blown away!!! Okay, […]


A Wedge of a Deal

Happy Friday, everyone! I have been blogging now for several months, and I’m extremely appreciative to  anyone that has been taking the time to read all that’s been on my heart. In the near future, I’d like to write a post about why I started blogging in the first place. I have had such a great […]


Whites and a Floral Skirt

Happy Wednesday! This has been such a busy week already, but I’m pressing toward finishing it in a very strong way. Several things happened this week, and we’re just in the middle of it. The first thing is that my son is in a computer programming class at his ‘school,’ and all of a sudden, […]


Until Next Time, NABQT

These pictures are from our lunch (on our anniversary). We sat outside and ate at the Bourbon Street Cafe in Bricktown. The restaurant was right on the water, and the view was very picturesque. That glass building became the benchmark for the entire trip. No matter where we went in OKC, we could see that building. […]


Our 14th Wedding Anniversary

Happy Friday, everyone! This year, on August 4th, my hubby and I celebrated 14 years of marriage and about 30 years of friendship. We celebrated by sneaking off and having dinner on the town. We will have our real celebration now that we are home. What I love about us is that we are still […]


Striped Ruffles and a Ghost Town

Sorry for all the posts from OKC, but I spent a lot of time there and took a ton of pictures. This was the outfit I wore on the first day of quizzing. This dress is no longer available, but here is a similar one. I actually bought it in Orlando on the day before we […]


Blackout at the Banquet

And then this happened. This was the outfit I wore to the banquet during the week of Senior Bible Quizzing Nationals. I love the way an all-black outfit looks. Elegance is definitely the word. This was our first year attending the North American Bible Quizzing Tournament (NABQT). We had attended the Junior nationals for five […]


My First Uber Ride and Extreme Pain

Happy Friday, everyone! Even though I am smiling from ear-to-ear in these pictures, by the end of the evening of this day, I was in so much pain! The culprit? Those cute shoes I’m wearing. It all started in Orlando the day before we flew to Oklahoma City. We left our home town and headed […]

Ten Things About Me

Oh, you know, I was just strolling around on the streets of OKC last week…literally! I’m glad to be home, but one thing I love about big cities are the big buildings and the busyness of the streets. Even so, I have received several messages with questions that friends and followers had and wanted me […]


Home from OKC!

Happy Monday, everyone! Though you are reading this, I’m barely awake and alert. My plan for the next few weeks is to do nothing. Yes, you read that correctly. I plan on taking a staycation right here in my house. Most of my days will be spent in the pool, on the pool deck, or […]